Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking root...literally.

Yesterday we finished up the sermon series that launched our "rooted in God's love" initiative. I have been looking forward to these past four weeks since February. So many things have transpired over the month of August, but one of the coolest things for me was what happened yesterday after 2nd service.

Throughout the month of August we have had a live tree in our church foyer. This tree was meant to be more than just an illustration for a series. It is to serve for us as a reminder that we are called to be rooted in God's love right here, were we are, in Campbellsville & Taylor County. We planted this tree in Miller Park right on the main strip through the park. It is a gift to the community. Each spring it will bloom with bright pink blossoms and will reflect the majesty of its creator. We are to do the same. 

About 50 people gathered yesterday afternoon to dedicate this tree and ourselves to the Lord. It was a wonderful cap to a great month. I look forward to seeing what God will accomplish through His people as we take root. 

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