Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five...

1.  Favorite Free E-Book - Three Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids by Tim Elmore (via Growing Leaders) click the link to download the book.

2. Favorite Misconception Corrected - 4 Lies About Introverts - (via Gospel Coalition)
As an introvert myself, I appreciated someone correcting what so many believe about us. We live in a culture that idealizes extroversion; here's a quote from the introvert who wrote the article:
The lie I'm most tempted to believe is that the way God has wired me is incompatible with the life he's called me to live. The logical conclusion of this lie is that joy and contentment aren't possible—and that constant frustration is inevitable. CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE
3. Favorite Perspective Corrector - Gumballs - (via YouTube)

4. Favorite Artist - Incredible Painted Handimals - (via TwistedSifter)

**Yes, that is made up of hands and an arm! Click the photo for more!

5. Favorite Cute Picture - Baby Hippo - (via Amazing Things)

**You know when these things get big, they can be very mean? Who knew!?!?

Have a great weekend!

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