Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorites for August 23rd...

1. Favorite Marriage Article - 3 Ways to do ANYTHING for your Marriage - (via marriedpeople)
People say they would do anything for their marriage, but seldom do. Here are 3 anythings you can right now!
2.  Favorite Parenting Article - Patience = Money In The Bank - (via Orange)
Much like money in the bank, we all have different amounts of Patience Capital or “PC” in our banks. From time to time, our children will make a withdrawal from our banks. When our accounts run dry, we typically say things like “I’m running out of patience” or “I’m trying to be patient with you.”  In these moments, we’re actually on overdraft protection mode! The reality is that we all must take some steps to re-build our PC accounts. Here are a few ways to grow your PC accounts so that you won’t bankrupt your patience!
3.  Favorite Video - Black or White Cover - (via YouTube)

4. Favorite Artwork That Looks Like A Photo - (via Twisted Sifter)

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