Monday, April 14, 2014


Easter is 6 days away. 82% of people who are invited to church will say yes. Or at least that's what statisticians say...

There's no better time than Easter to invite someone to church. Understand this, church is not the answer...Jesus is. If you're part of Campbellsville Christian Church, we are unashamedly about leading people to Jesus Christ, and a growing relationship with Him. There is nothing better to invite someone to than that!

A couple of notes for our church members:

  • Consider attending the early service as an act of love to make room for the guests who will be attending at 11:00 AM. Our 8:45 & 11:00 services are identical each week.
  • If you are able, consider parking at the back of the parking lot to make room for others. 
  • Scoot in, scoot over, and greet someone with a friendly face and make them feel at home. (It's the worst to have to climb over people you don't know to find a seat.)
  • We will have Children's Worship for the full hour during both services. Children (birth - 5th Grade) will have a special time of worship designed specifically with them in mind. 
We've set the goal at 525 people in attendance...I think we can far exceed that! It's not about a number, but about presenting the hope of the world to every soul. 82% say yes. 

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