Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five - 9/21/12

Here they are...five things to brighten and inform your day! Have a great weekend.

1. Favorite Tweet - "@JudWilhite The real you emerges as you see yourself in light of who God says you are in his written Word."

2. Favorite Marriage Article - "Two Marital Minds"
      - Positive Sentiment Override
      - Negative Sentiment Override
      Which One Are you? I know which one I am...and which one I would rather be. 

3. Favorite Infographic - Teens & Text Messages - From The graphic is probably outdated, but still eye-opening. 

4. Favorite Upcoming Church Event - Date Night: October 13th, 7-9PM. Sign up in the church bulletin this week or contact the church office. (Also, the follow-up study is going to be just as great!)

5. Favorite Picture - In light of Halloween's approach...

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