Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Five...(9/7/12)

Five of my, fresh, and ready to brighten and inform your day!

1. Favorite Parenting Article - "The Cure for the Common Complaint" - Most of us won't need to read this. Only the ones whose kids have ever complained.

2. Favorite Senior Picture - Courtesy of Awkward Family Photos -

3. Favorite Video - Average Clothing Line - Via Tripp & Tyler

4. Favorite Shameless Self-Promotional Recycled Blog Post from Three Years Ago - Consistently Inconsistent?
I went back and read some of my old blogs from when we had an active blog. I liked this one. Maybe you will too.

5. Favorite Reality Gut Check - Sex Trafficking Is Closer Than You Think - I used the word "favorite" loosely to had no idea. I bet you didn't either.

Thoughts? Comment below!

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