Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five...10/5/12

Here are some things to brighten and inform your day:

1. Favorite Pictures: Colorful Portraits of the Saddest Impersonators You’ll Ever See

2. Favorite Marriage Article: 4 Commitments for Building a Successful Marriage - Michael Hyatt

3. Favorite "No Way This Is True!" Article: How Much the Tooth Fairy Gives in 2012 - USA Today

4. Favorite Advice for Dads - A Secret for Dads - Reggie Joiner (Be warned...this one got to me pretty bad) [And the follow-up here from his daughter]

5. Favorite Dad: I'd like to think I'm a pretty cool dad, but this guy's got me beat in the mechanical department:

Have a great weekend!

Don't Forget:
- Fall Festival Sunday from 4-7:00 PM
- Family Internet Safety Seminar this Wednesday at 6:30 PM on the 3rd Floor.

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