Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Mentions...10/1/12

Last night we had almost 80 people gather at Heavenly Haven Farm for a church-wide event. Everyone got to pick a pumpkin, go on a hayride, check out the animals at the petting zoo, and take a walk through nature. It's a beautiful place to witness all of God's majestic creation. What a great night!

Becoming "rooted" in Service:
While we may not have Wednesday night groups meeting this week, I want to take a minute and remind you of something you might not think too much about. Every Wednesday night from 5:50-6:20 we serve a family-friendly meal in the Family Life Center. Primarily, two people are responsible for that happening. Kim Mason and Cindy Beams voluntarily head that up each week. They give up their time to go shopping the day or two before, prepare food both at home and at the church on Wednesday afternoons, come in early and setup the food tables and get things all ready so that we can bring our families and have an enjoyable meal before going to our individual groups.

They are certainly aware of their gifts and using them in service to share Christ. Thank them for being "rooted" in service.


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