Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five...

1. Favorite Tweet:
@RickWarren: Be yourself.Pretending is exhausting.
2. Favorite Article...Seven Ways for Young Leaders to Overcome the Slacker Generation Label...(via Carey Nieuwhof)
**Carey challenges us to invest 7 key leadership principles into this generation:
Show Up Early, Take Notes, Think Productivity Not Hours, Ask for Direct Feedback, and more. Read the rest here.

3. Favorite Idea I Wish I Had First...The Convertible Napping Desk (via Neatorama)
**You know you want one.

4. Favorite "Who has time to do this stuff?"...Animals Morphed Together To Create Hilarious New Species (via MyModernMet)
**There's more where this came the picture for the rest.

5. Favorite "Gross...but Awesome!" Photos...Amazingly Detailed Macro Portraits of Bugs...(via MyModernMet)
**Click the picture for the rest...they're incredibly creepy, but very cool.

Have a great weekend!

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