Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's Mentions...4/8/13

It was a great day yesterday! Its always good so see everyone coming back from Spring Break rested and ready to go! A couple of highlights from yesterday:

- Ricky Malone knocked the communion meditation out of the park yesterday morning, reminding us that Jesus' blood wasn't spilled (that's something that happens accidentally), it was poured (something done intentionally with a purpose. Great job Ricky!

- I got to baptize this guy:
**As an added bonus, his entire family placed membership with us at C.C.C. and partnered with us in becoming "rooted in God's love!"

- As a church we got to spend time getting to know Logan and Amanda Thompson, a prospective Student Minister. Last night, we had an opportunity to hear Logan bring a devotion about family. It was a great time. Keep your eyes out for more information soon!

Have a great week!

becoming rooted,

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